2018 5 Star Hotel in Halkidiki Greece
2017 Residence in Ag. Stefanos Greece
2015 Vacation House in Kapesovo Greece
2015 Residential & Tourist Development Greece
2015 Community Center & Office Building Greece
2013 Office Building Entrance Lobby Greece
2011 Residence in Ag.Stefanos Greece
2010 Office Complex in Kifisia Greece
2010 Vacation House in Chania Greece
2009 Morris Office Complex Greece
2007 Office Building in Kifisia Greece
2006 Office Building in Syggrou Ave. Greece
2006 Residence in Holargos Greece
2006 Cafe Tandem Greece
2005 Private Residence in Ekali Greece
2003 House in Tropea Greece
2003 ATRINA Center Greece
2002 Vacation House in Andros Greece
2000 Planetarium and Museum Greece
2000 Cultural and Leisure Park Greece
1999 Promontorio Greece
1997 Piraeus Railway Station Terminal Greece
1996 Athens Railway Station Greece
1994 Housing Complex in Oreokastro Greece
1993 Reusa Maria Greece
1993 Vacation House in Soros Greece
1991 Centre for Hellenism Damianos Foundation Greece
1990 Deluxe Hotel - Hippocrates Center Greece
1990 Porto Center Greece
1989 Recreation Resort in Crete Greece
1989 Vardinogiannis Building Greece
1989 Housing Condominium in Kifisia Greece
1988 Tourist Development Rhodes Greece
1988 Mediteranee Residential Building Greece
1987 Hotel Complex Psalidi Greece
1986 Housing Development at Fascomilia Greece
1986 Commercial Center & Office Building Greece
1986 Museum of Cycladic Art Greece
1985 International Preventive Medicine Institute Dr. Barnard Greece
1984 Piraeus Trade University Greece
1983 Residence in Rea Greece
1982 Office Building in Skoufa Str. Greece
1982 Tourist Development Greece
1981 Shopping Center Galleria Greece
1981 Residence in Filothei Greece
1980 Tourist Development Crete Greece